Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sweet Jeanette has yet another cute giveaway

OMG Jeanette just loves to giveaway cute stuff huh? I so would love to win this as it's in my favourite colours....purple and green together! Sign ups for this great giveaway are until 27th March, so be quick or you'll miss out! Or rather take your time, it'll give me more of a chance of winning...hee hee hee Good luck....and usual story, click on the photo to be whisked away to her blog to enter.



  1. I entered.. but only once.. and I will give YOU the bag if I win it! Happy now?

  2. Well, can I still enter? It's a lovely bag!

  3. I whisked right over there! Enjoyed my time herew and will be back soon. Come visit me for Pink Saturdays!


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