Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Yippee Adelaide's getting a Machine Quilting Festival....hurrah

October 1st - October 4th 2010 is when.....the sad thing is, I might not be able to make it, as I might be going away that weekend, but I'd so love to attend this, as it's sooooo close to home....in fact only a stone's throw away from where Khristina lives at Mawson Lakes, Sth Australia......might see if we can organise at least one visit there whilst it's on.

For those of you who live close enough to attend, I suggest marking it in your calendar, as I get the feeling if it's not supported, we'll lose it.

There's some great vendors going to be there and a quilt show....oooh a chance to look at all the pretty quilts.

I'm hoping to get there...maybe we can all meet up and see some of the quilts....I'm really interested in seeing some of the machines too......might win lotto one day, and will be better informed as to which machine I want to buy if I see them first!

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  1. I hope you can go! I would love to as well, but it's just a wee bit far to go for the weekend. And I know no one in Adelaide!

  2. I do hope you will be able to go Naomi. These are good for many reasons.

  3. LOL, where's that girl I once knew that wasn't going to get sucked into the quilting vortex, lol. You must go, these things are so much fun and you learn so much.

  4. Hopefully I don't have to work that weekend. Fingers crossed!


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