Monday, May 24, 2010

Buttons, buttons, buttons.

My great blog friend Kylie (Antmee) has just done a great tutorial on her blog on how to make some covered buttons...yes I know, the instructions on the self cover buttons tells you what to do, but she has jazzed them up a little......necessity after paying $6 each for one button, and she created the ones above for alot less I can tell you....and would be a project you could do to fill in 5 minutes here and on the photo to go to her post about the tutorial, and if you do, tell her I sent you!



  1. Aren't those buttons Kylie made just too cute? I'm going to put those on my ever-growing list of things to make/do! :o)

    BTW, I love your new pic on your profile!



  2. What cute buttons! She did well.


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