Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Generosity Project

Just recently, I signed on for a Generosity Project over at Marilyns' blog. Here is how it goes. For those who sign on, I will send you something crafty of my choice. I will have one year to get it to you. You in turn must agree to send a crafty something of your choice to whomever signs up with you on your blog. And you too will have one year in which to complete and send. I will take the first four (4) who would like to participate. Come on, let's play. ***To sign up for this, I ask that you have an active blog please***

Feel free to use the pic on your blog if you sign up....I snagged it from Marilyn....lol


  1. I'm game it sounds like fun, email at craftersdelight@hotmail.com for my addy going to post to my blog now.

  2. Hi
    I would love to join, were do I do this???


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