Thursday, May 6, 2010


In the BEST craft group a gal could want to be in on the internet, Khristina (our boss lady!) organised a Mothers day swap for any of us that were interested in participating......and my partner is/was Lois. Thank you Lois for being such a great swap partner, and sending me SOOOOO many goodies...wasn't I spoilt rotten everyone? Check out the photos below, to see what I got. Thanks also to Khristina for hosting/organising the swap for us.

All the pressies ready to be unwrapped. The pink envelope held the card in the pic below this, which I didn't end up opening until after the pressies, just in case it had a list of what the goodies were. Looking at the photo above, it appears that Lois can't spell, or has an unusual stutter.....for we all know that MOTHER isn't spelt with 2 E's, but there was method in her madness, for Lois made one of them E for Extra!

A gorgeous Mothers Day card.

The letter M - mobile phone sock, marbled fabric, multi coloured stripe fabric, magnets...3 of them, woo hoo and some mood charms.

The letter O - Orange fabrics, an orange (peach) candle and some orange blossom incense sticks.

The letter T - Temporary tattoos, Tape measure fabric and a Teddy bear T-towel.

The letter H - Happy face wooden template, heart stickers, heart organza bags, gold Heart hang tags, heart charms and a hand towel with embroidered flowers on it.

The letter E - Eggs in a basket, Extra (Keyring with my name on it....close up after the last pic below), Eucalyptus lollies (Candy if you're overseas!) & embroidery threads.

The letter R - Ribbon, Ric-Rac, Rose soap & Rose scented sachets.

Close up of the cute that it's not only in my favourite colour....purple....but it's got my name on Lois hunted high and low for something with my name on it....not much stuff around with my name on it! Once again Lois, thank you so much and I hope you have a wonderful Mothers' Day.

I've taken pics of what I've sent Lois, but she hasn't received the package yet, but just as soon as she does, either she or I will pop pics up for you to see what she got in return.



  1. You certainly did get spoiled Naomi and I am so glad you did. You are a gem!

  2. Wow, what a delightful package to open!

  3. Hey thats great you deserve it, your a great person with a kind heart. Enjoy your goodies.
    Love the tape measure fabric.
    Have a great Mothers Day.
    Take care

  4. What a good range of pressies, Enjoy and Happy Mother's Day.

  5. What a haul indeed.......well done Lois... you lucky thing Naomi ...

  6. What a great lot of goodies....and purple I see Khris

  7. I love all the things that you received in your package. Lucky You! Enjoy and Have A great Monday!!! :)

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